Vacation rentals make sense.

A new travel trend.

The increase in both domestic and international travel means that there is increased demand for travel lodging.  Travelers these days are seeking a new travel experience, and with the advent of internet based technology, the ability to sift through and find confidence in alternative lodging is now feasible.  The internet now allows travelers to evaluate, book, and pay for vacation rentals in an efficient manner, and has introduced a new era of travel experiences.  

The modern hotel, while convenient, has become predictable.  Due to zoning, size, and cost restrictions, these hotels often occupy commercially viable zones near travel destinations that lack history, beauty, or give any indication as to the actual daily life of the local population.  Vacation rentals are often located in regions that reflect the organic lifestyle and amenities of the locale, which is highly desired by the modern traveler seeking a broader, more unconventional travel experience.

Families travelling together are also limited in their options, as it pertains to traditional travel accomodations.  It is very difficult to squeeze many more than 4 occupants into a modern hotel room.  Vacation rentals have become the preferred choice among families and friends travelling with more than 4.  Also, vacation rentals have broadened the means to accomodate event oriented travelers, such as those attending  family reunions, weddings and other similar events.

Many forward thinking and inciteful property owners have recognized the trend toward vacation rental travel and are now recognizing a higher return on their property investment than traditional residential renting.  Vacation rental regulations have also introduced a more flexible and stress free method in which to recognize profits in real estate rental.  Vacation renters do not have the same restrictive housing rights as a standard tenant.  Property owners are not beholden to problematic, slow-paying, and manipulative tenants.